Texte imprimé à l'occasion des enregistrements des matières sonores de la pièce "Mécanes", et inséré dans le disque.

Texte printed while recording sound matter for the piece 'Mécanes' and inserted in the record (translation below).

The sound matters with which < Mécanes > is composed were gathered at the
workshop M.U.R.R., in Pantin, during the week of 5th to 9th october of 2015,
while making this very printout. ————————————— Thus it constitutes,

if not the score,

at least the project,

certainly the pretext

—— of what you are hearing.

But what you are hearing ———— even ———— being made.

Before composing the electroacoustic piece, it was necessary to compose its (pre)text
- that is, in the terms of the craft: to manually arrange the lead typographic fonts to create
the matrix of the text. It was composed with the < Courier > typeface, a member of the
< Mecanes > family,
——————————————— before it was reproduced at 333 copies
(unnumbered) on < Rosa >, the Heidelberg letterpress of the M.U.R.R. workshop.

The text is the direct result of the (pre)text.

As for the music composition, it is a byproduct, or in other words: —— a drift.

< Mécanes > wanders exploring the sonic variations and intensities of the workplace,
while this document was taking shape.